• « The Tropézienne » by chef « Cyril Lignac »


    I have decided to share with you a recipe that comes from the south of France, one of the great classics of French pastry.  This is “La tropézienne” by chef “Cyril Lignac”. According to the chef, a tropézienne is a soft brioche, a smooth cream and a subtle taste of orange blossom. This “tropézienne” is really…

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  • “Infinitely hazelnut” cake infinitely delicious, from the great chef “Pierre Hermé”.


    Today I share with you the “infinitely hazelnut” cake from the great Chef Pierre Hermé.  Impossible to imagine my blog without a recipe for the “king of the macaron” or the “Picasso of pastry” as he has been nicknamed by the magazine “Vogue”. This “infinitely hazelnut” cake is infinitely tasty, infinitely irresistible, infinitely amazing … .. This recipe was shared by Charles and…

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  • Basmati & wild rice with chickpeas, currants & herbs by Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi « Jérusalem » cookbook.


    Another recipe by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi from their book “Jerusalem”, famous enough no need for intro.  And like all of their recipes, this rice is just wonderful with fried onions, herbs and currant. Plus it’s gluten-free and vegan.  It’s a dish that can be a side dish it’ll go very well with meat and fish, as it can be a…

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  • Cod cakes in tomato sauce by Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi from « Jérusalem ».


    Everyone knows the benefits of fish and I try to consume it as often as possible, except that I must say that sometimes it is very difficult for me to find original recipes to change a little of what I’m used to do, and especially to convince my children to eat it.  So I suggest…

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  • Lemon chicken with Sumac and Za’atar


    After the books “Jerusalem” and “Simple” it’s now the turn of “Falastin” the latest book by Sami Tamimi (co-author of Jerusalem with Yotam Ottolenghi) to find a place in my bookshelf (actually I’ll always find a place for their books).  What appeals to me the most about their recipes is that these two exceptional chefs…

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  • Gianduja & Orange Blossom cake by chef Christophe Michalak


    When we start eating this cake it’s so hard to stop. The reason is that under its chocolate shell, we have a moist and soft financier cake, the crunchiness fron the caramelized nuts, the fondant of the Gianduja ganache. Everything is there !  Add to that this, a subtle note of orange blossom that I love.  It’s really delicious,…

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  • Two citrus & Orange Blossom tart


    With Lime or Lemon, with or without Meringue, Lemon tart remains my favorite.  However, I wanted to add my own twist to this French classic so I added Orange Blossom a classic Moroccan which I adore, giving a perfect blend of flavours.  Instead of Meringue, went with a whipped Lime Ganache giving it a silky…

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