• Raspberry jam cookies.


    Jam cookies also called « lunettes de romans » in France or « Linzer cookie », it’s a buttery cookie, very crumbly and too delicious. Like the marble cake and the upside-down pineapple cake these jam cookies are a perfect teatime treats, they’re also a classic during the holidays. This recipe is a throwback to childhood, I remember as a kid I always licked the inside first, today I’m happy to see my kids do the same. The recipe for these delicious shortbread cookies filled with jam and sprinkled with icing sugar is from the « French pâtissier ». It’s extremely easy to make, since all…

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  • Salted caramel & macadamia Babka – Babka Zana


    My love for babka started few years ago when I tried for the first time Jeffrey Cagnes’s recipe ”Chocolate & hazelnut Babka”. Since that time I didn’t stop. If you have taken a look on instagram to have an idea of the best babka of the moment, you certainly know babka zana. I love their incredible creations and their improbable combinations of flavours. Few days ago I have received their first book, an amazing book full of a wonderful sweet and savoury recipes. I have enjoyed baking from it, I couldn’t wait to give this “salted caramel & macadamia babka”…

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  • Hazelnut & caramel cookies – Cedric Grolet


    These hazelnut & caramel cookies from chef Cédric Grolet were amazing. They are very addictive, easy to make, infinitely declinable as you will see, and above all not too much sweet Cookie lovers, I present to you THE COOKIE which will make you forget all those you have tasted so far. Gourmet and perfectly balanced, with a chewy and crispy dough, a soft center filled with a delicious hazelnut praline, all topped with a creamy hazelnut caramel and a small hint of fleur de sel. I must say that this exceptional chef had already reconciled me with the cookie, thanks…

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  • Almond briwats or “Moroccan almond samosas”


    When you think about Moroccan cuisine you’ll probably think about couscous, tagines and chicken pastilla which are the most popular.But today, I’m here to talk about briwats (or briouates). These small Moroccan samosas stuffed with sweet or savoury filling, then fried or baked for a lighter version. There are many varieties to make the savoury briwats, meat with spices, shrimp with chermoula or vegetables. They are most often prepared during the month of Ramadan to accompany harira ( the Moroccan soup). The sweet version which is the recipe I’m sharing with you today is almond briwats. The filling is made…

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  • Chocolate cookies – Cédric Grolet.


    I have never tasted such an amazing chocolate cookies with an intense chocolate taste, not very sweet and perfectly balanced. They are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. Garnished with a cocoa nib praline and a creamy chocolate caramel with a hint of fleur de sel that makes all the difference and brings an incredible balance to the cookie. These are definitely the best chocolate cookies I’ve had. I got this recipe from « fou de pâtisserie » magazine N6 (special edition) dedicated to chef Cédric Grolet. If you live in London you can now try his pastries at…

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  • Hazelnut financiers – Nicolas Bernardé


    First time I have made these hazelnut financiers, was for the charity organised by my husband’s company, I also made one of my favourite sweet “amaretti with honey, citrus and orange blossom – Ottolenghi “. I was so happy to be part of this event which was for the benefit of the “Emirat Red Crescent”. Financiers are a classic French pastry, they are versatile and can be made with chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, coconut, fruit or plain. They are also known as “friands “ in Australia and New Zealand. These financiers are chef Nicolas Bernardé ’ s recipe. I had already…

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  • Citrus & almond cake – Christophe Michalak


    I have always been a big lover of cakes. And that probably explains why I have a lot of cake recipes in my blog. But seriously, what’s better than a slice or two of a delicious cake waiting to be enjoyed with your morning coffee or afternoon tea. This recipe is from one of my favourite French pastry chef “Christophe Michalak “. I already shared with you some of his recipes : “ chocolate cake “ and “Gianduja – orange blossom cake”.  This citrus – almond cake is definitely one of the easiest cakes I have made and also one…

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