• Chestnut cake – Pierre Hermé


    Usually I would say that I love summer days. But since I live in Dubai, autumn starts being the long awaited season which brings back a little freshness. It’s the season too for pumpkin soup, apple or pear tart, and of course chestnuts. So it’s the perfect time to make this delicious chestnut cake, recipe from my favourite french chef “Pierre Hermé”. The cake is quite dense but also fluffy, full of autumnal flavours. It’s very simple to make and requires few ingredients. As you can already imagine you’ll need chestnut spread, ou crème de marron, translated in chestnut cream in French, even…

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  • Raspberry halva crumble bars – Ottolenghi


    These Raspberry Crumble Bars are screaming Middle East. All Middle Eastern flavours are here : tahini, halva, sumac and rose water. And guess what ? I love it. They are so delicious, melting in the mouth, buttery with a nutty taste from the tahini. They are so easy to make, and by using the same crumble mix for both the top and the base of these bars, that makes them super quick to put together. All you need to do is to scatter the halva over the pre-baked crust, then the raspberries filling gets spooned over it, finally top with the…

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  • Lime & Mint cake – Yann Couvreur


    This Lime – Mint Cake is a sort of a virgin Mojito cake. It’s the perfect summer treat, it’s fresh, moist, incredibly delicious and most important for me, that the cake doesn’t taste too sweet. If you love virgin mojitos or the combination of mint and lime, this cake is definitely for you. How to make this Lime & Mint cake ? This delicious cake is chef Yann Couvreur’s recipe. First let’s make the lime powder : This lime powder adds a concentrated tangy citrus flavour to the recipe, so please don’t miss it. It’s important to use organic lime, because we will use the peel to make the powder.  Preheat the oven to…

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  • Blueberry, almond & lemon cake – Ottolenghi


    Few days ago my friend Assia asked me to participate to a challenge : “sublime tes fruits – sublime your fruits”. The idea behind was to highlight the summer fruits. So I decided to make my favorite cake : “blueberry, almond and lemon cake” from “simple” Ottolenghi’s cookbook. This cake is one of the best I’ve baked, it’s a wonderful cake. There is no surprise, it’s an Ottolenghi creation.  With blueberries in season, it’s the perfect time to make this delicious cake. It’s light, moist, with a bright lemon flavour and the bursting blueberry in every bite. It’s just addictive. The icing here is a must as it adds that intense zingy but sweet lemon flavour, which takes the cake…

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  • Lemon & olive oil cake – Christophe Bacquié.


    It’s been a while since I made a cake. And today I’m sharing with you chef “Christophe Bacquié”recipe, three times Michelin starred and having obtained the title of “MOF : meilleur ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France ) in 2004”, who was kind enough to share it with his followers during the first lockdown. I think many people must already know it, it’s the famous “lemon & olive oil cake”. If you ever don’t make it yet, don’t hesitate for a second. Since I made it in March 2020, I have stopped all pursuit of the perfect lemon cake. This ultra simple cake with Mediterranean flavors, is light, moist and…

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  • Raspberry tart – Cyril Lignac & Benoît Couvrand


    The recipe I’m sharing with you today is “raspberry tart”.  But not any tart, it’s a signature tart from two exceptional chefs “Cyril Lignac” and “Benoît Couvrand”.  It’s as elegant as it’s delicious. We have seen it for years, since the recipe has already appeared in various magazines such as “Fou de pâtisserie”, “Femme Actuelle”… And since 2017 in the book “La Pâtisserie”, with an update. This crown-shaped tart, which I find very original and which is also one of its characteristics, is composed of a sweet dough, an almond cream but this time soaked with a syrup flavored with vanilla, topped…

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  • Saffron & blood orange brûlée by Greg Malouf


    What a wonderful dessert !! A silky, rich crème brûlée with an amazing golden yellow color, flavoured with saffron and blood orange juice. It might not seem like an obvious partnership, but it works very well.   It’s mellowed by the creamy custard and rounded out by the sweetness of the layer of the caramelised sugar.  Very simple, very well balanced and very complex at the same time. And that for me was spectacular. This recipe is from “Suqar” cookbook, it means sugar. One of my favorites sweet books. What is crème  brûlée ? Crème brûlée also known as « caramelised cream » or…

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