• Almond briwats or “Moroccan almond samosas”


    When you think about Moroccan cuisine you’ll probably think about couscous, tagines and chicken pastilla which are the most popular.But today, I’m here to talk about briwats (or briouates). These small Moroccan samosas stuffed with sweet or savoury filling, then fried or baked for a lighter version. There are many varieties to make the savoury briwats, meat with spices, shrimp with chermoula or vegetables. They are most often prepared during the month of Ramadan to accompany harira ( the Moroccan soup). The sweet version which is the recipe I’m sharing with you today is almond briwats. The filling is made…

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  • Moroccan stuffed squids with rice and Chermoula


    Today I share with you a dish that I particularly love, “Moroccan Stuffed squids with rice” with its spicy tomato sauce. A recipe full of Moroccan flavours. I had already shared a “stuffed squids with quinoa and shrimp”. But today is the one that mom made for us, it’s really delicious. The squid is tender, the stuffing is just sublime and perfectly flavoured with the Chermoula, I’m not even talking about the spicy tomato sauce. You can use the tomato sauce to cook prawns with chermoula (at home we call it pil pil, nothing to do with the “Prawns Spanish…

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  • Moroccan stuffed squid with quinoa & shrimp in tomato sauce


    Moroccan cuisine is rich of seafood dishes given its long sea coasts along the Mediterranean and Atlantic. These dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways depending on the region. So today I share with you a dish not as well known as tagine, couscous or the famous pastilla, but which is still a very popular dish in Morocco: «  Stuffed calamari in tomato sauce ». When I was living with my parents, we usually enjoyed this dish during the weekend. Sometimes we made paella, or seafood tagine like : « Moroccan sardines & burnt aubergine balls tagine » or «  oven baked fish with Moroccan Chermoula ». We usually use the calamari but…

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  • Moroccan chicken pastilla


    Pastilla is for sure one of the most popular dish of Moroccan cuisine. It’s a beloved classic, reserved for special occasions like weddings, births, or eids.  In Morocco the pastilla is generally served as a starter at the beginning of special meals. And of course, you can serve it as a main dish with a simple green salad. There are two main versions of pastilla, one with poultry and one with seafood.  Where does the pastilla / bastilla come from ? Pastilla which is pronounced “bastilla” in Morocco, because the letter « p » doesn’t exist in Arabic alphabet. According to Anny Gaul (American historian of food specialist in the Arabic-speaking world): “If you look at the written records and…

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  • Salmon, sweet potatoes & Ras El Hanout Tagine


    The tagine is a staple of Moroccan cuisine, simple to make, healthy and above all delicious. The recipe I share with you today is a sweet – savory tagine of salmon with sweet potatoes. This kind of sweet and salty fish tagine is very well known in certain Moroccan coastal towns. More precisely the towns of Safi and Essaouira which are known for their “Tfaya” fish tagine.  The « tfaya » is a kind of confit prepared with raisins, caramelized onions with honey, all flavored with cinnamon and saffron.  It is usually used as a garnish for couscous and meat tagine.  How to make today’s dish? It’s best…

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  • Moroccan sardines & burnt aubergine balls tagine.


    The sardines balls tagine is one of the most popular dishes in Morocco.  Especially in the coastal towns of the kingdom. To keep the meatballs tender, we add rice to the sardine kefta.  But in the recipe I’m sharing with you today, of Jewish origin, we’ll add grilled eggplant.  Not only the meatballs are very tender, but the smoky taste adds a special note to this delicious dish. The sardine balls are cooked in a slightly spicy tomato sauce (or not according to taste). You can very well add vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or peppers. This traditional dish is tasty, easy…

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  • Oven baked fish with Moroccan chermoula and celeriac root


    I love this dish, one of my favorite weekday meals plus It’s very healthy, full of flavours and the best part is you can make it in very little time.  It takes 5 minutes to make the Chermoula, the classic marinade widely used in North Africa. Made with fresh herbs (coriander and parsley),  garlic, and spices. In Morocco this sauce is traditionally used to marinate the fish, but it can be used for poultry and vegetables as well as fish. It goes very well with everything, it’s a magic blend that makes everything tastes delicious.  Today I’m sharing with you a simple and easy version of the classic Moroccan fish…

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