• Sweetcorn, chipotle & lime soup – Ottolenghi


    Who doesn’t like Mexican food, seriously!! For me it’s one of the richest and delicious cuisine in the world. And this sweetcorn, chipotle and lime Mexican inspired soup is so delicious. I love the combination of sweet, smoky, spicy and sour in this soup, the pillars of Mexican cuisine.Mexican cuisine is known for its use of corn, and guess what I love corn. It’s a versatile veggie, you can make it in endless ways but nothing is better than the simpler things. A grilled corn at the barbecue just brushed with butter and a sprinkle of sea salt, always takes…

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  • Roasted pumpkin, saffron and orange soup – Ottolenghi


    We can’t say good bye to the autumn without making a pumpkin soup. Especially that the Winter is coming closer and the days are getting cooler and cooler, which means we all need a big bowl of a warm and delicious soup. For that reason I’ve decided to make this amazing Ottolenghi « pumpkin, saffron and orange soup ». A recipe from his wonderful book “Simple”. This soup is silky, smooth and full of flavours. Roasting the pumpkin makes all the difference, it intensifies its flavour and sweetness, which balanced perfectly with the saffron, the orange and the rose harissa. What is rose harissa ? Harissa is…

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  • Chilled avocado soup with crunchy garlic oil – Ottolenghi


    This chilled avocado soup is exactly what you need to eat when the weather turns hot, because it’s super refreshing. And the best part is that is very simple to make. This cool, refreshing, full of flavours avocado soup, is delicious topped with the cucumber salsa and the crunchy garlic oil. It’s a great way to open a summery meal. How to make this avocado soup ? This soup from “FLAVOURS” cookbook, is very easy, quick to make and an excellent make-ahead dish. First start with the infused oil, it will take less than 10 minutes to make it ready. In a small saucepan, put two tablespoons of oil with the cumin and the coriander seeds, the garlic and a good pinch of…

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  • Curried lentil, tomato and coconut soup – Ottolenghi


    New ottolenghi recipe from his cookbook “Simple” and new love at first bite.  I love lentil soup, and this one is different, it has the consistency and all the flavors found in “dal”, which is one of the most popular dishes in India. It’s delicious, creamy, mildly-spiced. And of course you can adjust the heat level with less or more chilli flakes, ginger and depending of  which curry you’ll use. Vegan, healthy, hearty and very easy to make. Grate some ginger and garlic, finely chop an onion, open some cans and add the water or a stock if you want, cook…

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  • Roasted cauliflower & coconut vegan soup by Jamie Oliver


    Today I share with a vegan cauliflower soup by Jamie Oliver. I have to say I’m amazed to see how a simple, vegan soup can be so tasty.  what’s the secret ? First, the vegetables ( cauliflower, onions and garlic) are roasted. This is how the vegetables bring out all their flavours and sweetness, with a nutty flavour from the main ingredient the « cauliflower ». Which sometimes can be a boring vegetable. Second secret, the added spices. The « cinnamon », and the famous Moroccan blend « Ras El Hanout » along with coconut milk make this soup rich, creamy and absolutely bursting with flavour.…

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  • Butternut squash and saffron soup with caramelised pistachio and herb salsa.


    it’s finally autumn in dubai, the temperature has dropped to 26C. But is it even fall if I don’t make a butternut soup ? So let’s cozy up with a bowl of silky, smooth and creamy butternut squash soup flavoured with saffron and topped with caramelised pistachios and herb salsa.  The soup on its own is very tasty, and it works well with either caramelised pistachios or herbs salsa alone. But the combination of all three is an explosion of flavours.  This recipe is vegan and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can even make the soup and the…

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