• Truffle polenta chips – Ottolenghi & Scully


    These truffle polenta chips are incredibly delicious, rich, impressive and very addictive. They are crispy and crunchy from the outside and soft inside. It’s definitely a nice alternative to the traditional French fries potatoes.  These polenta chips are the perfect side dish to serve with meat or fish. They can also make a great appetizer with the aioli or tomato chutney to dip. This is from NOPI ottolenghi and scully’s cookbook. How to make it ? As you know polenta itself has very little flavour. In this recipe we’ll cook it in boiled water before stirring in butter to make it richer. Then…

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  • Amaretti with honey, citrus and orange blossom


    Amaretti are those gluten-free Italian cookies, or rather “macarons”, which can be hard or soft and chewy, they are usually flavored with almond extract. Perfect to go with  your tea or coffee or to offer during the festive season. So if you have egg whites left over and you don’t know what to do with them, even if the meringue is the first thing that comes to mind.  But with a few ingredients you can make these magnificent amaretti with the subtle scent of orange blossom that goes wonderfully with lemon and orange. I share with you this wonderful recipe, flavored with…

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  • Ricotta and oregano meatballs by Ottolenghi


    London or in my opinion “the amazing city of London”, is a city that I adored for several reasons, its vibe, architecture, history and its diversity, and I would like to return there as soon as possible, especially the summer. Last year we spent two weeks there, it was mid October, it was a bit cold, at least for us not for the Londoners who were walking around in t-shirts.  But we were delighted, considering that in Dubai it’s hot most of the year. The first Sunday we decided to go to Saint James park, but first direction to brick lane…

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