• Brown butter and cinnamon streusel banana bread .


    This brown butter and cinnamon streusel banana bread was all what I wanted after a nice walk in the woods, it has all these wonderful fall flavours. The cake alone is so good but the cinnamon streusel makes it even more delicious The banana bread is a recipe from the Canadian chef “Anna Olson”, I had already shared HERE her brownies recipe which was just excellent. I have to say that I change her recipe by reducing the quantity of sugar and using brown muscovado sugar and cinnamon. I also added a little bit of baking powder that provides a…

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  • Almond briwats or “Moroccan almond samosas”


    When you think about Moroccan cuisine you’ll probably think about couscous, tagines and chicken pastilla which are the most popular.But today, I’m here to talk about briwats (or briouates). These small Moroccan samosas stuffed with sweet or savoury filling, then fried or baked for a lighter version. There are many varieties to make the savoury briwats, meat with spices, shrimp with chermoula or vegetables. They are most often prepared during the month of Ramadan to accompany harira ( the Moroccan soup). The sweet version which is the recipe I’m sharing with you today is almond briwats. The filling is made…

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