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  • Beetroot & feta galette with za’atar and honey – Sami Tamimi


    What a wonderful galette!! I loved it, all I have to say about this recipe is just do it. This recipe is taken from “Falastin” coobook. Which I had already shared some recipes of it  like :« open cauliflower pies – Sfiha», « butternut squash & saffron soup with caramelised pistachio and herb salsa », « lemon chicken with sumac & Za’atar », or this unforgettable « orange blossom, honey and Baklava semifreddo » This galette is amazing. The combination of roasted beetroot, feta, ricotta, honey and thyme, is absolutely sublime, all the ingredients go perfectly together. All wrapped up in a flaky golden pastry, perfectly flavoured…

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  • Roasted cauliflower & coconut vegan soup by Jamie Oliver


    Today I share with a vegan cauliflower soup by Jamie Oliver. I have to say I’m amazed to see how a simple, vegan soup can be so tasty.  what’s the secret ? First, the vegetables ( cauliflower, onions and garlic) are roasted. This is how the vegetables bring out all their flavours and sweetness, with a nutty flavour from the main ingredient the « cauliflower ». Which sometimes can be a boring vegetable. Second secret, the added spices. The « cinnamon », and the famous Moroccan blend « Ras El Hanout » along with coconut milk make this soup rich, creamy and absolutely bursting with flavour.…

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  • Stuffed aubergines with lamb & pine nuts


    Once again a success with this ottolenghi recipe. I don’t remember in which article I said, that I discovered a new way of cooking, thanks to this excellent chef. Now I use his books all the time, “Jerusalem – with Sami Tamimi”, “Simple” and “Falastin” are my favorites ones. Since I discovered him, I have never been disappointed with any of his recipes. The recipe may look complicated to make, don’t be fooled by appearances. It’s as easy and straightforward as preparing a dish of pasta with bolognese. Trust me, this stuffed aubergine is an easy recipe. So how to…

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  • Open cauliflower pies – Sfiha


    the simplest things are often the best, and the “sfiha” also called Arab pizza is one of my favourites recipes from “Falastin” cookbook. What is sfiha ?  Sfiha or sfeeha in arabic صفيحة‎ , is a dish consisting of flatbread cooked with a minced meat topping, often lamb flavored with onion, tomato, pine nuts, and spices. It’s traditionally found in the countries of the levant, and is closely related to manakish and lahm bi’ajin  لحم بالعجين . The recipe of the day : In his book, Sami Tamimi call the “Sfiha” “open pie”. He proposes two toppings to choose, depending on if you’re a veggie or a meat person. I tried the…

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  • Stuffed courgettes with pine nuts salsa by Ottolenghi


    Courgette is a Sun vegetable, and yet it is present on the shelves all year round. In velouté, in gratin, in raw or cooked salad, in flan, in savory or sweet cake…. The possibilities of cooking courgette or zucchini are endless. Still, the stuffed courgette is “a classic”.  Prepared with meat or vegetarian, this dish is served as a main course or as a side dish for fish or grilled meat.  If you fancy a change from the traditional and classic version. Today I’m sharing with you a stuffed courgette with Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, fresh oregano with a pine nuts salsa.  Recipe…

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  • Sweet potato mash with herbs and lime salsa by Ottolenghi.


    Another wonderful recipe from Ottolenghi.  If you’ve been following me for a while you know he’s my favorite chef. I share with you a recipe that will be an excellent side dish to accompany turkey for Thanksgiving or any other poultry, this delicious alongside all sorts of things, this sweet potato mash with herbs salsa ans lime will go perfectly with chops or grilled sausages. As the chef suggests In his book “Simple”. In principle, who says mashed potatoes says butter a lot of it, milk and cream.  But this mashed sweet potato is vegan. First, the sweet potato is roasted in…

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  • Whole baked tandoori-spiced cauliflower by chef Gordon Ramsay


    There are so many different ways to cook cauliflower like this recipe of mustardy cheese cauliflower by Ottolenghi, it’s a versatile vegetable.  But I find the fact to keep it whole and roast it, it’s the most visually stunning way to cook a cauliflower. This whole spicy cauliflower will make a star centerpiece at any dinner party specially Indian one. It’s easy to make, very flavourful and guaranteed to impress your guests . It can be served as a side or a vegetarian main dish. And the best of all, you can make the yogurt sauce ahead of time and marinate the cauliflower overnight, and cook it the next day. Tandoori is a traditional spice blend from India, it can include paprika, cayenne, cumin, ginger, and coriander. You’ve probably…

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