• Brown butter, pecan chocolate cookies .


    These brown butter, pecan chocolate cookies are just too good. It’s true that each person has completely different expectations and requirements when it comes to cookies. But if you ask me I would say that a good cookie, even a perfect cookie, must have a soft chewy center with crispy edges, well filled with chocolate and with the essential touch of salt which enhances the taste of dark chocolate. And please not too sweet and of course the best is to eat them while they still warm. I combined several techniques and recipes to obtain this result. Namely cookies that…

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  • Maple syrup and pecan Rugelach – Babka Zana


    These delicious mini croissants filled with a sweet filling are perfect to serve with coffee or  at brunch. Here I share with you Babka Zana’s recipe from their book « History of a Levantine Bakery – histoire d’une boulangerie levantine ». They make different toppings for their Rugelachs, I chose to share with you maple syrup and pecan rugelach.  What are these maple syrup and pecan Rugelach made from ? Although there are steps to follow to prepare these mini croissants, but nothing complicated I promise you. First the dough which is very easy to make. It is made from flour, sugar and…

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