• Beetroot, caraway & goat’s cheese bread – Ottolenghi


    This recipe is the definition of what Ottolenghi had in mind for his fantastic cookbook « Simple ». The bread, which has a cake texture, is very easy to make. It’s made without yeast, so it doesn’t require kneading, which means you don’t need to be a good baker to make an amazing loaf. I can assure you, that you’re going to make it more than once. This bread is really delicious, it’s a fabulous combination of the earthy beetroot, the soft goat’s cheese add to it the caraway, nigella seeds and the fresh thyme. All of these delicious ingredients work perfectly…

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  • Open cauliflower pies – Sfiha


    the simplest things are often the best, and the “sfiha” also called Arab pizza is one of my favourites recipes from “Falastin” cookbook. What is sfiha ?  Sfiha or sfeeha in arabic صفيحة‎ , is a dish consisting of flatbread cooked with a minced meat topping, often lamb flavored with onion, tomato, pine nuts, and spices. It’s traditionally found in the countries of the levant, and is closely related to manakish and lahm bi’ajin  لحم بالعجين . The recipe of the day : In his book, Sami Tamimi call the “Sfiha” “open pie”. He proposes two toppings to choose, depending on if you’re a veggie or a meat person. I tried the…

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  • Babka with almond cream, hazelnut praline and cinnamon streusel


    A few months ago, the first babka recipe I posted on my blog was that of chef Jeffrey Cagnes, which everyone knows now.  And since then, I can say that I have become addicted to babkas. Real obsession of the moment, impossible to resist.  The babka is made from a brioche dough and a limitless variety of filling. But before we talk about the version I’m sharing with you today.  First let answer to few questions. What exactly is “babka”?  Where does this brioche come from?  And what’s the difference between babka and a kranz cake? So the Babka is a cake that comes straight from Eastern Europe and more specifically from Poland.…

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  • Cinnamon, walnut and muscovado Babka


    Babka is gripping the baking scene includeing me. Babka is made from a twisted brioche dough that once mastered, you can let your imagination run wild. With chocolate, almond or pistachio cream, gianduja or even matcha, and why not a salted version with za’atar… You guessed it, there isn’t onebabka recipe.  There is something for every taste. After the “chocolate – hazelnut” babka from chef Jeffrey Cagnes and the “pistachio & orange blossom” babka from Babka Zana.  Today, I share with you a new babka recipe with autumn flavors.  These babkas are my favorites, they’re soft and delicious with this filling with the good taste of cinnamon…

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  • Chocolate – gianduja brioche by chef « Cyril Lignac »


    If it were up to me, I would make brioche every week, but with the amount of butter some brioche have, that’s just not possible. I have to admit, it tastes so good and the smell when cooked is just overwhelming. And the recipe I’m sharing with you today is exceptional.  The brioche is soft with a good buttery taste, with this chocolate— gianduja runny heart is just delicious.  The recipe is from chef « Cyril Lignac » and his accomplice the chef « Benoît Couvrand » from the book « La pâtisserie »  I let you discover the ingredients to achieve this wonder. Don’t forget to read the « Tips & Tricks » section carefully.

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  • Pistachios & Orange Blossom Babka by Babka Zana


    The first recipe I shared on my blog was “Chef Jeffrey Cagnes’ chocolate – hazelnut Babka” HERE, which was the start of my Babka mania. Babka is a wonderful pastry that you can make with many different fillings and shapes.  You guessed it, today I am sharing with you a recipe for “Babka with pistachio, white chocolate and orange blossom” by “Babka Zana”, which appeared in the last magazine “fou de pâtisserie”,  hard for me to miss it and not try it. All I love is in this Babka, a soft brioche, a delicious garnish with pistachio and orange blossom, these two flavors that go together…

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  • « The Tropézienne » by chef « Cyril Lignac »


    I have decided to share with you a recipe that comes from the south of France, one of the great classics of French pastry.  This is “La tropézienne” by chef “Cyril Lignac”. According to the chef, a tropézienne is a soft brioche, a smooth cream and a subtle taste of orange blossom. This “tropézienne” is really very very GOOD with its ultra light and very vanilla diplomat cream.  The chef does not use soaking syrup but specifies that it can be done, so that’s what I did and I have not regretted it, and of course for my part the syrup will…

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