Middle East

  • Raspberry halva crumble bars – Ottolenghi


    These Raspberry Crumble Bars are screaming Middle East. All Middle Eastern flavours are here : tahini, halva, sumac and rose water. And guess what ? I love it. They are so delicious, melting in the mouth, buttery with a nutty taste from the tahini. They are so easy to make, and by using the same crumble mix for both the top and the base of these bars, that makes them super quick to put together. All you need to do is to scatter the halva over the pre-baked crust, then the raspberries filling gets spooned over it, finally top with the…

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  • Crispy baked Persian rice – “Tahchin”


    Tahchin is a famous Persian dish made with basmati rice which is perfectly flavoured with saffron, mixed with egg yolks, yoghurt and neutral oil or melted butter in my case. This classic dish is so versatile. You can add a layer of meat, mostly shredded chicken, or keep it vegetarian by adding dried fruits. As you can keep things very simple and bake the rice without any additional fillings. The “Tahchin” is soo good and represents perfectly the persian cuisine. It has all the flavours of Iran. The crispy golden crust on the outside called “Tahdig”, and a beautiful yellow melted and moist rice inside, wonderfully flavoured with saffron. Without forgetting the…

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  • Nectarine caramel Muhallabeya – Greg Malouf


    Today, I share with you a Michelin-Starred chef Greg Malouf’s recipe, from his book “Suqar” which means sugar in arabic.  It’s one of my favourites desserts and sweets books, the spirit of this book is about how to make a classic Middle Eastern desserts very modern with a European touch. I already shared with you “saffron – blood orange brûlée”, it was wonderful. We can say that the Muhallabeya, mahalabia or mhalabeya is the equivalent of “panna cotta” in the Middle East (without gelatine).  This dessert is intrinsically simple in terms of ingredients and technique. One of the reasons why it’s a very popular homemade…

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  • Shatta (middle eastern chilli paste) – Sami Tamimi


    If you like spicy food, and you always keep a jar of harissa (Moroccan chilli paste) or jalapeños or the famous sriracha sauce in your fridge, this recipe is definitely for you. I made this recipe for my better half, he put hot sauce on everything, regardless of the food he’s eating. Shatta is a chilli paste that is quite popular in Middle Eastern and Egyptian cuisine. In Morocco we have the famous harissa, which looks like the shatta, but contains different ingredients and requires different technique.  I never heard of shatta before I came to live here in Dubaï.…

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  • Confit garlic hummus with grilled mushrooms – Ottolenghi


    Hummus is probably the most versatile dip, is a perfect snack for any time of day. You can eat it as it is or serve it topped with meat, veggies or like this recipe that I’m sharing with you today. A wonderful way to eat hummus. It’s not the authentic recipe of hummus for sure but it will probably be, if you try this.  The grilled mushrooms with the delicious marinade, works beautifully with the creamy hummus perfectly flavoured with confit garlic. Add a salad on the side and it’s an amazing meal.   You can skip the topping and have…

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  • Orange blossom, honey & baklava semifreddo


    I know that at the moment in some countries it’s very cold, but here in Dubai we spend a mild winter, blue sky and temperatures of 29C which allow us to enjoy the sea. Which is impossible during the summer when  temperatures sometimes reach 48C. The recipe of the day is a Semifreddo with Middle Eastern touch, flavored with orange blossom, honey and baklava. It’s the perfect dessert to end a meal on a note of freshness and indulgence.  What is the Semifreddo? Semifreddo, this Italian frozen dessert, was created around the 19th century, but only gained popularity in the early…

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  • Saffron & blood orange brûlée by Greg Malouf


    What a wonderful dessert !! A silky, rich crème brûlée with an amazing golden yellow color, flavoured with saffron and blood orange juice. It might not seem like an obvious partnership, but it works very well.   It’s mellowed by the creamy custard and rounded out by the sweetness of the layer of the caramelised sugar.  Very simple, very well balanced and very complex at the same time. And that for me was spectacular. This recipe is from “Suqar” cookbook, it means sugar. One of my favorites sweet books. What is crème  brûlée ? Crème brûlée also known as « caramelised cream » or…

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