• Shatta (middle eastern chilli paste) – Sami Tamimi


    If you like spicy food, and you always keep a jar of harissa (Moroccan chilli paste) or jalapeños or the famous sriracha sauce in your fridge, this recipe is definitely for you. I made this recipe for my better half, he put hot sauce on everything, regardless of the food he’s eating. Shatta is a…

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  • Lemon & olive oil cake – Christophe Bacquié.


    It’s been a while since I made a cake. And today I’m sharing with you chef “Christophe Bacquié”recipe, three times Michelin starred and having obtained the title of “MOF : meilleur ouvrier de France (Best Craftsman in France ) in 2004”, who was kind enough to share it with his followers during the first lockdown. I think many people must already…

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  • Beetroot & feta galette with za’atar and honey – Sami Tamimi


    What a wonderful galette!! I loved it, all I have to say about this recipe is just do it. This recipe is taken from “Falastin” coobook. Which I had already shared some recipes of it  like :« open cauliflower pies – Sfiha», « butternut squash & saffron soup with caramelised pistachio and herb salsa », « lemon chicken with…

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  • Beetroot, caraway & goat’s cheese bread – Ottolenghi


    This recipe is the definition of what Ottolenghi had in mind for his fantastic cookbook « Simple ». The bread, which has a cake texture, is very easy to make. It’s made without yeast, so it doesn’t require kneading, which means you don’t need to be a good baker to make an amazing loaf. I can assure…

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  • Moroccan chicken pastilla


    Pastilla is for sure one of the most popular dish of Moroccan cuisine. It’s a beloved classic, reserved for special occasions like weddings, births, or eids.  In Morocco the pastilla is generally served as a starter at the beginning of special meals. And of course, you can serve it as a main dish with a simple green salad. There are two main versions of pastilla, one with…

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  • Curried lentil, tomato and coconut soup – Ottolenghi


    New ottolenghi recipe from his cookbook “Simple” and new love at first bite.  I love lentil soup, and this one is different, it has the consistency and all the flavors found in “dal”, which is one of the most popular dishes in India. It’s delicious, creamy, mildly-spiced. And of course you can adjust the heat…

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  • Roasted chicken with Jerusalem artichoke & lemon – Ottolenghi


    This dish is from «  Jerusalem » Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi cookbook, and it’s effortless. All what you need is to make the marinade, which takes 15 minutes then the oven does the rest. The combination of saffron and whole lemon slices goes exceptionally well with the nutty earthiness of the Jerusalem artichokes, it’s an explosion of…

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