• Butternut squash and saffron soup with caramelised pistachio and herb salsa.


    it’s finally autumn in dubai, the temperature has dropped to 26C. But is it even fall if I don’t make a butternut soup ? So let’s cozy up with a bowl of silky, smooth and creamy butternut squash soup flavoured with saffron and topped with caramelised pistachios and herb salsa.  The soup on its own is very tasty, and it works well with either caramelised pistachios or herbs salsa alone. But the combination of all three is an explosion of flavours.  This recipe is vegan and it doesn’t take a lot of time. You can even make the soup and the…

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  • Amaretti with honey, citrus and orange blossom


    Amaretti are those gluten-free Italian cookies, or rather “macarons”, which can be hard or soft and chewy, they are usually flavored with almond extract. Perfect to go with  your tea or coffee or to offer during the festive season. So if you have egg whites left over and you don’t know what to do with them, even if the meringue is the first thing that comes to mind.  But with a few ingredients you can make these magnificent amaretti with the subtle scent of orange blossom that goes wonderfully with lemon and orange. I share with you this wonderful recipe, flavored with…

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  • Sweet potato mash with herbs and lime salsa by Ottolenghi.


    Another wonderful recipe from Ottolenghi.  If you’ve been following me for a while you know he’s my favorite chef. I share with you a recipe that will be an excellent side dish to accompany turkey for Thanksgiving or any other poultry, this delicious alongside all sorts of things, this sweet potato mash with herbs salsa ans lime will go perfectly with chops or grilled sausages. As the chef suggests In his book “Simple”. In principle, who says mashed potatoes says butter a lot of it, milk and cream.  But this mashed sweet potato is vegan. First, the sweet potato is roasted in…

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  • Whole baked tandoori-spiced cauliflower by chef Gordon Ramsay


    There are so many different ways to cook cauliflower like this recipe of mustardy cheese cauliflower by Ottolenghi, it’s a versatile vegetable.  But I find the fact to keep it whole and roast it, it’s the most visually stunning way to cook a cauliflower. This whole spicy cauliflower will make a star centerpiece at any dinner party specially Indian one. It’s easy to make, very flavourful and guaranteed to impress your guests . It can be served as a side or a vegetarian main dish. And the best of all, you can make the yogurt sauce ahead of time and marinate the cauliflower overnight, and cook it the next day. Tandoori is a traditional spice blend from India, it can include paprika, cayenne, cumin, ginger, and coriander. You’ve probably…

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  • Oven baked fish with Moroccan chermoula and celeriac root


    I love this dish, one of my favorite weekday meals plus It’s very healthy, full of flavours and the best part is you can make it in very little time.  It takes 5 minutes to make the Chermoula, the classic marinade widely used in North Africa. Made with fresh herbs (coriander and parsley),  garlic, and spices. In Morocco this sauce is traditionally used to marinate the fish, but it can be used for poultry and vegetables as well as fish. It goes very well with everything, it’s a magic blend that makes everything tastes delicious.  Today I’m sharing with you a simple and easy version of the classic Moroccan fish…

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  • Lamb tagine with caramelized quince


    The tagine, at its base, is a terracotta kitchen utensil, topped with a cone-shaped lid. It allows food to be stewed, thus preserving its flavors and benefits.  In Morocco the tagine is a family sharing style dish, which is eaten with homemade bread. You can prepare all kinds of tagines: with meat (chicken, beef, lamb and goat in certain regions of Morocco).  With fish, most often marinated in a kind of sauce made from fresh herbs (coriander and parsley) and spices called “chermoula”. Or quite simply a vegetarian tagine, there are often seasonal vegetables. Today I’m sharing with you a tagine that…

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  • « Zaalouk » Moroccan aubergine / eggplant caviar


    Eggplant caviars and eggplant salads are quite popular throughout the Middle East, North Africa and certain European countries. Among the most popular, « Baba Ghanoush » or « Moutabel »  orignally from levantine cuisine, In Greece and Cyprus « melitzanosalata », « ajvar » from the Balkan, Georgian « badrijnis khizilala » and « zaalouk » the Moroccan version prepared with eggplant and tomatoes with Chermoula  spices : garlic, cumin, paprika, parsley, coriander and plenty of olive oil. Cooked salads are a big part of a Moroccan everyday cooking, you’ll rarely see a main course served without at least one salad. And « Zaalouk » is the common side dish for to many meals like grilled meat, or…

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