• Lime & Mint cake – Yann Couvreur


    This Lime – Mint Cake is a sort of a virgin Mojito cake. It’s the perfect summer treat, it’s fresh, moist, incredibly delicious and most important for me, that the cake doesn’t taste too sweet. If you love virgin mojitos or the combination of mint and lime, this cake is definitely for you. How to make this Lime & Mint cake ? This delicious cake is chef Yann Couvreur’s…

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  • Chilled avocado soup with crunchy garlic oil – Ottolenghi


    This chilled avocado soup is exactly what you need to eat when the weather turns hot, because it’s super refreshing. And the best part is that is very simple to make. This cool, refreshing, full of flavours avocado soup, is delicious topped with the cucumber salsa and the crunchy garlic oil. It’s a great way to open a summery meal. How to make this avocado soup ? This soup from…

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  • Truffle polenta chips – Ottolenghi & Scully


    These truffle polenta chips are incredibly delicious, rich, impressive and very addictive. They are crispy and crunchy from the outside and soft inside. It’s definitely a nice alternative to the traditional French fries potatoes.  These polenta chips are the perfect side dish to serve with meat or fish. They can also make a great appetizer with…

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  • Blueberry, almond & lemon cake – Ottolenghi


    Few days ago my friend Assia asked me to participate to a challenge : “sublime tes fruits – sublime your fruits”. The idea behind was to highlight the summer fruits. So I decided to make my favorite cake : “blueberry, almond and lemon cake” from “simple” Ottolenghi’s cookbook. This cake is one of the best I’ve…

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  • Wild mushroom pilau – Meera Sodha


    Before I came to Dubai, Indian cuisine was very new to me, and the fact every time I would try it I can only feel a burning sensation as most restaurants here sadly don’t give an option to tone down the spiciness level. Owing to the large Indian community, Dubai offers some pretty good options…

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  • Salmon loaf cake – Nicolas Bernardé


    When I first got my hands on this amazing book “invitation d’un pâtissier voyageur” I naturally started to flip through it. When I came to this recipe “ saumon sauvage Canadian : wild canadian salmon”, I just had to stop. Not just because the picture of this cake is sublime – it’s also the case for all the pictures of…

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  • Moroccan stuffed squid in tomato sauce


    Moroccan cuisine is rich of seafood dishes given its long sea coasts along the Mediterranean and Atlantic. These dishes can be prepared in a variety of ways depending on the region. So today I share with you a dish not as well known as tagine, couscous or the famous pastilla, but which is still a very popular dish in Morocco: « …

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