• Raspberry jam cookies.


    Jam cookies also called « lunettes de romans » in France or « Linzer cookie », it’s a buttery cookie, very crumbly and too delicious. Like the marble cake and the upside-down pineapple cake these jam cookies are a perfect teatime treats, they’re also a classic during the holidays. This recipe is a throwback to childhood, I remember as a kid I always licked the inside first, today I’m happy to see my kids do the same. The recipe for these delicious shortbread cookies filled with jam and sprinkled with icing sugar is from the « French pâtissier ». It’s extremely easy to make, since all…

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  • Moroccan chicken tagine with onions and raisins


    This savoury – sweet chicken tagine with onions and raisins is a classic of Moroccan cuisine. It’s really delicious, easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. The tagine is a staple of Moroccan cuisine. Its name actually…

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  • Butternut, membrillo & stilton quiche – Ottolenghi


    This butternut, membrillo and Stilton quiche is a wonderful recipe form ottlenghi to celebrate the autumn.  I really enjoyed the sweetness of the membrillo (quince paste) that contrast perfectly with the Stilton cheese and the roasted butternut. It’s definitely a…

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  • Smoky polenta chips – Ottolenghi


    During the week I always try to eat very healthy and the most important for me is to  reduce my meat consumption. But the weekend on the other hand, I’m delighted to have a very nice piece of meat. So last Saturday we…

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  • Salted caramel & macadamia Babka – Babka Zana


    My love for babka started few years ago when I tried for the first time Jeffrey Cagnes’s recipe ”Chocolate & hazelnut Babka”. Since that time I didn’t stop. If you have taken a look on instagram to have an idea…

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  • Greek stuffed vegetables “Yemista”


    If you have visited Greece you’re certainly familiar with this classic dish “Greek stuffed vegetables yemista”. What is “Yemista” ? Go to any Greek taverna and you’ll find Yemista on the menu. Yemista in Greek means “stuffed” or “filled with”.…

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  • Hazelnut & caramel cookies – Cedric Grolet


    These hazelnut & caramel cookies from chef Cédric Grolet were amazing. They are very addictive, easy to make, infinitely declinable as you will see, and above all not too much sweet Cookie lovers, I present to you THE COOKIE which…

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