• Aubergine / eggplant Zaalouk – Moroccan cuisine.


    Aubergine or eggplant caviars are very popular in the Middle East, North Africa and some European countries. Among the most popular Baba Ghanoush and moutabel from the Levant, Greece and Cyprus “melitzanosalata”, “ajvar” from the Balkans and “zaalouk” the Moroccan version prepared with aubergine / eggplant, tomatoes and Chermoula spices: garlic, cumin, paprika, parsley, coriander and lots of olive oil. Cooked salads are an integral part of Moroccan cuisine, you will rarely see a main dish served on its own. Aubergine / eggplant zaalouk is the most popular (at least for me) to accompany certain dishes such as grilled meats…

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